David and Christian have collaborated several times over their many years within film Art Departments, from Ray Winston’s HENRY VIII to Jane Campion’s memorably moving BRIGHT STAR.

Not only have they developed their own unique skillsets, they have also built reputations as consistent and reliable practitioners of this specialist craft. Now, in combining their resources, knowledge and experience, not only are they are able to draw on a much broader frame of reference, but each of their respective abilities complement and amplify the other’s.


David Hindle trained in Architecture, working for a London practice, before studying Film Design and embarking on a career that, for the last 20 years, has seen him working alongside the most creative Designers in the industry. From the acclaimed THEORY OF EVERYTHING to the recent hit BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, variety and quality have been consistent factors in his highly prolific work.

In 2011 he won an Art Director’s Guild Award for his work on THE KING’S SPEECH, one of several such nominations over the years.


Christian Huband is a Designer who has been consistently engaged on the highest profile projects for over 20 years. His work has taken him around the world, on film productions ranging from Steven Spielberg’s MUNICH to Martin Scorcese’s Academy Award winning HUGO. He has also worked alongside some of the finest Production Designers on such projects as ANNA AND THE KING, the HARRY POTTER films and more recently, the FANTASTIC BEASTS series.

In 1998 he was Emmy nominated for his work on period adventure epic HORNBLOWER and has won several Art Director’s Guild Awards in the years since.

Working in a number of roles from Set Decoration to Visual Effects, Christian has developed a broad range of skills and experiences, culminating in the Supervising Art Direction of several projects; from studio movies of the largest scale such as JUSTICE LEAGUE, to location filming in remote Azerbaijan for the independent feature film, ALI AND NINO.